Welcome to Classroom Captioning. Today’s lesson is how to get good quality realtime educational captioning on a student-like budget.


Course Outline

We provide realtime captioning (CART) because we think everyone deserves an equal learning advantage. This is an important service for deaf and hard-of-hearing students attending a public university, community college or high school. Our professional realtime, word-for-word captioning enables students to further their education and be successful in their career paths. Classroom sessions are translated word-for-word to be read on computer screens and mobile devices. We proudly maintain 95% accuracy (if memory serves, that’s an A+). The best part? Our remote realtime captioning costs are geared toward those who are budget minded. We consider it extra credit to keep your captioning costs down.


No Extracurricular Activities

We’re different than larger, all-purpose captioning companies because we focus specifically on the education sector. By directing our services to school classrooms, we’re able to offer affordable rates for what we consider to be an important captioning service.




Math 101

We charge $65/hour for our quality remote captioning service, which includes an electronic transcript. You can add on a checked and finished transcript for $35/hour. That’s the entire curriculum. You do not need calculus to understand our pricing. You always know what our services will cost. No signed contract is required to start receiving services, nor does Classroom Captioning require a lengthy commitment to receive our great low price.


Takeaway Message

When it’s time to go to the head of the realtime-captioning class, go with the professional, accurate and money-saving services from Classroom Captioning. Backpack